Beauty and the Beast

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Attend a fancy dress ball, dance in a ballet and have tea with the King and Queen when your child becomes royalty ... well until they miss their family and go back home.
All friends names in book should be GIRLS names for the story to make sense as the pictures show all girls in the book.
When ordering, after clicking "Add to Cart" button, include your child’s name, age, gender, hometown, and the first names of up to three friends or relatives (relatives always recommended because these books are real keepsakes!)  This book has additional personalized information including birthdate.
This is a quality personalized children’s book with washable surface and fully illustrated pages in color. Hard cover book, approximately 6" by 9", 24 pages.

Excerpt from book

On March 21st, Madison Alana Gardner, was strolling through a park in Elgin, Oklahoma.  Beautiful red roses were blooming around her.  The roses reminded Madison of the story Uncle Jerry had once read to her.  The story was about a handsome prince who was turned into an ugly Beast because he was so mean and selfish.