Circus Star

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It's a thrilling trip to the circus as you rescue a baby chimpanzee and become the star of the show.

Spend a special day at the circus and get to sit in the front row. When CoCo, a baby chimpanzee disappears on his bicycle, you get to find and rescue him just before he crashes into a big truck.  As a reward for saving him you become the star of the show and get to lead the Grand Parade!

Encourage your Child's Imagination!!! Enjoy This Adventure Forever!

Excerpt from book

Lovely ladies riding a team of horses galloped into the center ring. Mady was amazed to see the beautiful horses leap through blazing hoops of fire.

The ring master invited Mady to ride on one of the horses. Mady waved to Meme and Pop-Pop as she rode past them on the white stallion.  Mady thought, "It's great fun to be in the circus!"