Flintstone Adventure (small)

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Personalized Books
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Where’s Dino? Your child joins Fred Flintstone on his zany search for his troublesome, yet loveable pet dinosaur. Your pet (optional) goes with your child to hunt for Dino.

When ordering, after clicking "Add to Cart" button, include your child’s name, age, gender, hometown, and the first names of up to three friends or relatives (relatives always recommended because these books are real keepsakes!)  Then click the “Add item to Cart” button to enter the information. This book has additional personalized information including birthdate. Pet's name and breed may also be added to add to the fun!

This is a quality personalized children’s book with washable surface and fully illustrated pages in color. Hard cover book, approximately 6" by 7", 20 pages.

Excerpt from book

The next morning, Ricky had breakfast with Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, and their loyal Dino.  “Dino is a great pet!” said Ricky.  “He reminds me of my poodle, Poochie.”  “We wouldn’t know what to do without our friend, Dino,” said Wilma and Fred.

Soon Fred was at the station asking for Dino’s safe return.  He told the viewers how much he, Wilma and Pebbles loved Dino.  Ricky decided he and Poochie would go back to the park and look for Dino.

When Fred came home from work for lunch, they all decided to have a picnic.  Ricky had great fun and wished Debbie and Madison could be there too.