Mi Propia Musica (Track 7) - El mejor disfraz

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Children love to be read to. Now, it's story time with our narrator reading an engaging story about Molly and her little puppy named Pete.

The soothing and caring voice on this track will have your child listening for their name, and for what happens next. Without music on this track, your child can focus on the narrator and develop listening skills which is so important for kindergarten and elementary school.

All songs available for individual download from this album:
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 1) : Despierta
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 2) : Peces Y Ranitas
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 3) : Afluera
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 4) : Vamos en el coche
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 5) : La Canción del alfabeto
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 6) : La Canción del compartir
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 7) : El mejor disfraz
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 8) : Hora de Dormir

Full album also available:
- Mi Propia Musica (CD version)
- Mi Propia Musica (MP3 Download version)

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