Over the Hill

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Personalized Books
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An absolute favorite with the "adult" crowd!! - You know you’re over the hill when …” This humorous book makes a perfect gift for those people who refuse to age gracefully.

Available for a single or a couple.

When ordering, after clicking “Add to Cart” button, include name, age, gender, hometown, and the first names of up to three friends or relatives (relatives always recommended because these books are real keepsakes!)  This book has additional personalized information including birthdate and pet's name (optional).

This is a quality personalized book with washable surface and fully illustrated pages in color. Hard cover book, approximately 6" by 7", 20 pages.

Excerpt from book

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when Mary Bledsoe, age 60, of Blair, Oklahoma sat drinking her coffee and listening to her old radio.  Mary knew she was “over the hill” because she couldn’t remember if she had been anywhere the night before.

At home, as she was looking over her newspaper with Fred and Nino at her side, Mary noticed that her arms were barely long enough to hold her reading material.  She must be “over the hill.”

Dressing for the reunion, Mary decided to wear her pink dress and Fred would wear his green suit.  They’d had the outfits for twenty years, but most people hadn’t seen them.  Debbie and Rich always said the outfits looked nice on them.