Over the Hill Bearly

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Personalized Books
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A Unique Personalized Gag Gift for Someone Special or a birthday gift for anyone with a big number birthday.

 When you're over the hill "bearly," you've become a furry teddy bear whose eyesight is dwindling, who has trouble remembering and who can "bearly" sleep past dawn. You are unable to communicate with younger people and bathroom breaks are much more frequent and a whole lot more!

Humorous book with bears makes a perfect gift for those “big number” birthdays.  Available for a single person or as a couple. This book has additional personalized information including pet's name and gender.

This is a quality personalized adult’s book with washable surface with illustrated pages in color. Hard cover book, approximately 6 ¾” by 8 ¼”, 36 pages.

 It was the beginning of another day ... like any other ... except that Mary Bledsoe of Blair, Oklahoma was having a birthday today.  She would be 60 ... Hey ... Just "Bearly Over the Hill," ... right?

Just because Mary can't sleep until noon like she used to doesn't mean she is "Over the Hill".  Actually, Mary can "Bearly" sleep past dawn ...

What does it matter? ..... ... Since breakfast just comes that much sooner for Mary.  She eats bran and prunes and takes "Ex-Lax," anything that will help her to "get going".  Does this mean she could be "Over the Hill?" ... Maybe, but just "Bearly".