Story-O-Saurus Land

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Personalized Books
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Follow a bunny rabbit into a world filled with dinosaurs! Make friends with some of the dinosaurs and learn about these amazing creatures that once walked and ruled the Earth.  Escape from the hungry Tyrannosaurus with the help of your new friends.

An enchanting learning adventure back to prehistoric times occurs when your child is plunged into a swamp filled with dinosaurs! Friends and relatives are there, too, and everyone learns the names of these amazing creatures.

Make sure you list who is reading the bed time story to your child ... this makes a very special book starring your child and their favorite storyteller!

When ordering, after clicking "Add to Cart" button, include your child’s name, age, gender, hometown, and the first names of up to three friends or relatives (relatives always recommended because these books are real keepsakes!)  This book has additional personalized information including name of one person reading the story (mommy, grandma, etc).

This is a quality personalized children’s book with washable surface and fully illustrated pages in color. Hard cover book, approximately 6 ¾” by 8 ¼”, 36 pages.

Excerpt from book

"All right.  Now, Ricky, close your eyes and imagine with me," said Meme. 

"Once upon a time, a little boy named Ricky went on a picnic with Madison and Poochie.   While they were preparing the picnic lunch, Ricky spotted a bunny at the edge of the woods.

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